Here we have all violation codes listed for this plugin and its dependencies. Our violation codes are using Z letter. Other codes are coming from other tools.

All codes are sorted alphabetically and by numerical codes.

Plugin Codes
flake8-builtins A001 - A002
flake8-bugbear B001 - B008
flake8-coding C101 - C103
flake8-comprehensions C400 - C411
flake8-commas C812 - C819
mccabe C901
flake8-docstrings D100 - D414
pycodestyle E001 - E902, W001 - W606
flake8-eradicate E800
flake8 F400 - F901
flake8-logging-format G001 - G202
flake8-isort I001 - I005
flake8-broken-line N400
pep8-naming N800 - N820
flake8-string-format P101 - P302
flake8-quotes Q000
flake8-pep3101 S001
flake8-bandit S100 - S710, see also original bandit codes
flake8-print T001
flake8-debugger T100
flake8-type-annotations T800 - T801
flake8-per-file-ignore X100
wemake-python-styleguide Z, defined here

Our own codes:

Plugin Codes
Naming Z100 - Z199
Complexity Z200 - Z299
Consistency Z300 - Z399
Best practices Z400 - Z499